Sunday, 7 February 2016

Armpit fetish

Well a Big Hello to one and all out there and I hope that everything is going well for you and the ones you love and care for. As for me it was a great start to the week everything was fine then on Monday evening I felt a bit odd and then you guessed it I came down with the flue... I felt lousy every thing hurt and I had a very sore throat. Then I decided that this is not going to last for longer than one or two days so I drank loads of liquid and had hot soup and then yes I am glad to say it all paid off I was well again on Wednesday. Its not often that I get ill and so this was a strange time for me to be in bed resting up and not feeling like doing anything at all. This is when my phone went mad with a lot of session requests and my front door bell would not stop ringing for all the lovely deliveries of presents that arrived. The gifts made me super happy and one of them is this one the famous Leona latex out fit that I have been going on about for the past month and here it is photo taken with my iphone obviously it is not shined up yet with latex polish as you can see. I will be doing another selfie photos shoot very soon 
that you can be sure of. 
My weekly Pits; feeling ill obviously having to turn down sexy session requests was annoying. Not feeling enthusiastic about a lot of things too was a bit of a low feeling and something that I am not use to, really makes me appreciate the great health that I have.  I know that I am in great health  because I am always getting tested for everything and keep a close eye on what I eat and make efforts each day to exercise.  

AND now then onto this weeks Peaks; Gifts - gifts and more gifts, they could not have come at a better time, I must update my Amazon gift page now it seems. I love shopping on Amazon don't you to ? 

Lets ask Mistress Eve a question; Mistress Eve can you give me a typical example of requests you get asked often ? 
Yes of course here is one that just came in today, I mostly only look at the fist line and don't read much more I can usually tell if its going to be a total waste of my time doing so, I don't fall for silly little tricks, happy reading;
i love You Goddess Eve!! Please own me please, i beg You please. i beg to do all Your household chores, while You do online shopping at my expense, please. i beg to be owned by You please, i am begging naked on my knees Goddess. Please may i buy You designer boots 
and shoes please Goddess, please i beg You to train me into Your idea of the perfect chaste bitch boy please, i beg to do all Your bidding, i beg to be locked in chastity as i know that improves my submissive service and makes me an extremely submissive and pliant bitch, please Goddess, i beg to do all Your laundry, i beg to wash Your underwear by hand, i beg to serve You breakfast in bed every day, i beg to take You on regular shopping trips and on exotic vacations, please Goddess, please, please, please, i am naked and begging You on my knees, please Goddess, i look very cute after my face has been slapped, i beg to massage Your feet and cook You gourmet dinners and give You wonderful massages, i beg You to own me Goddess, please, please, please, please, i beg You, i beg You to teach me how to suck Your strap-on, and i beg You whip me and spank me if i ever displease You or even if You just want to for fun, please Goddess, please i adore You, i love You Goddess!!!
My subject matter; This weeks subject matter is not only based on Armpit fetish but also on the fact that I do not judge anyone for their fetishes, I believe I have not right to judge anyone unless it involves cruelty to animals or to the defenceless, then that is a different matter entirely. I have had session requests for arm pit fetish and everything went very well I understand the need for my client slaves not to be judged for their fetishes. I have had a lot of my client slaves comment negatively about my 6 foot long over night confinement cage eg how could anyone ever want that and its ridiculous etc etc. As I cant stand negative comments like this I set them straight I tell them that everyone has a fetish of some sort and to some degree, and no one has the right to judge others. I have had some amazing and very masculine slaves 
happily settle in my confinement cage sometimes overnight which is what it was designed for in the first place. Armpit fetish is much more popular than you think, yes I do shave of course, from the feedback I have received, I  have the cutest armpits around and that is feedback from armpit fetishists so they must be good...  
My pet peeve; You know it would only take one nod from the Pope to end most bullfighting - I wish he would do that, does anyone else feel the same way about bullfighting ? I hate it I think its stupid and cruel. People who torture animals are ill informed and living in the past if there is any online petition to stop bull fighting please sign it. Ricky Gervais is trying his best to raise awareness about Bull fighting so if you like him then why not support his cause too xxx, lets all try to play out part to be kinder to animals xxx  
My final say;The key to happiness is to say Fuck off sometimes. 
Never be afraid to start over. Its a chance to 
rebuild your life the way you wanted all along.
On that note I will sign off for this week I hope that you have found my blog of some insightful interest, I enjoy writing now, I think in a way its kind of a nice way to sometimes let off some steam perhaps and to conclude the week.
Big Kiss from Mistress Eve XXX
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Until my blog next Sunday, be kind to animals, take care of yourselves and each other.
Best Regards Mistress Eve XXX